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Insurance Inspections

At Titan Property Inspections we are specialists in Insurance Inspections. We provide:

Professional and Certified Home Inspectors in South Florida Area

Other Inspections Services

Residential Comprehensive Home Inspection Service
Residential Comprehensive Home Inspection

A comprehensive home inspection is an overall, non-invasive analysis of the condition of a home at the time of the inspection.

Condo Inpections Service
Condo Inspections

At Titan Property Inspections we can provide you a comprehensive visual evaluation of the property, so you have peace of mind when it comes to buying a condo.

New Construction Inspections Service
New Construction Inspections

A home inspection can provide valuable insights into a property’s construction, as well as the chance to prevent costly repairs later on, after all new houses aren't always perfect.

Mold Inspection Service
Mold Inspection

At Titan Property Inspections we have certified mold inspector’s that will help you determine whether the house has mold or not. If any is found, we will notify you so you can make the proper decision and we are also going to be better prepared to treat this specific species of mold.

Sewer Scope Inspection Service
Sewer Scope Inspection

Sewer line inspections are cheap, but sewer repairs can be extremely expensive. Why spend the money on a repair when you could have avoided with a simple inspection?

Termite and Septic Tank Inspection Service
Termite and Septic Tank Inspections

At Titan Property Inspections we have partner up with a Pest Control Company and a Septic Tank Inspection company. In need of one of these services they will come with us to the inspection and provide you the best possible care.

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