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4-Point Insurance Inspection

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4 Point Insurance Inspection

4-Point Inspection

When getting a new insurance policy or renewing an existing one, most insurance agencies will ask you for a 4-point inspection regardless of the age of the house.

We are here to help you in the process of getting insured, we will inspect the property’s.

Electrical System.
HVAC System.
Plumbing System.

Why do I need a 4-point inspection?

Four-point inspections are usually a requirement to get your home insured. It allows insurance companies to know the conditions of the homes before insuring them. A Four-point inspection identifies the areas that may result in an insurance claim. If your home fails one of the points or all of them the inspector will go over what needs to be fixed or replaced to eliminate the deficiencies.

Who is supposed to pay for the 4-point Inspection?

The 4-point inspection is normally paid by the client, whether you are getting a new insurance policy or renewing an existing one.

How Long is a 4-Point Inspection good for in Florida?

The 4-point inspection last up to 1 year in the state of Florida.

What is the difference between a 4-point inspection and a full home inspection for a purchase?

A full inspection, or a buyer’s inspection, is a lot more thorough. For the 4-point inspection the inspector only looks at the 4 points required by the insurance (ROOF- ELECTRICAL SYSTEM -PLUMBING AND HVAC SYSTEM) while in the full inspection the inspector inspects the (ROOF AND ATTIC-INTERIOR SPACES INCLUDING WINDOWS AND DOORS -PROPERTY EXTERIORS- THE FOUNDATION & STRUCTURE -VENTILATION AND INSULTATION- HEATING / CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING- HOME ELECTRICAL SYSTEM- PLUMBING SYSTEM COMPONENTS -BUILT-IN KITCHEN APPLIANCES AND MORE) We always recommend getting a full home inspection when purchasing a property regardless if you are getting a 4-point. (Please check the “Residential Comprehensive Home Inspection tap” in our website to find out more info)

Will a 4-point inspection help lower the insurance premiums?

No, whether your home “passes” or “fails” a 4-point inspection, it does not change the cost of homeowners insurance. This inspection only determines whether an insurance company will offer insurance to you or not. The only inspection that will help lower your insurance premium is the wind mitigation (Please check the “wind mitigation tap” in our website to find out more info).

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