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Post Claim Inspection

Post Claim Inspection

A Post Claim Inspection is usually performed when the property owner did not retain the receipt for the cost of work done after a claim. An inspection is done to help determine if the amount submitted for a claim is of fair value for the work performed and if the repairs were correctly performed.

We are here to help you in the process of getting insured if you had a claim and do not have proof of repairs. We will inspect:

The area that was involved in the claim.

Why do I need a post claim inspection?

When you put an Insurance claim your insurance agent may not be able to offer you coverage unless you have the proof of the repairs done after the claim. Many times, these repairs are done by unlicensed contractors, so the insurance needs to make sure the repairs were properly performed and that there aren’t unrepaired components present.

Who is supposed to pay for a post claim Inspection?

The post claim inspection is normally paid by the client requesting it.

What is the difference between a 4-point inspection and a post claim inspection?

This is a frequently asked question since a 4 point inspects the four basic points of the house (Electrical System, HVAC System, Plumbing System and Roof) many times clients assume that getting a 4 point will supplement a post claim inspection and it is not the case. In the 4-point inspection the inspector only looks at the four points required by the insurance to allow insurance companies to know the conditions of the homes before insuring them. While the post claim inspects in detail the specific area that was involved in the claim. If you had more than one claim, then we may need to complete a post claim inspection for each claim.

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